Friday, October 28, 2016

EasyHits4U Offer Points

The Most Popular Traffic Exchange

The more that I use EasyHits4U, the more that I am impressed by the benefits of the service! When I started out, I focused on the main purpose of the site - to drive traffic to my sites. Recently, I have spent more time exploring EasyHits4U to see what all of the options are.

One of the features that I checked into was the 'Offer Points' option. I mean, what could I do with points and how can I earn them? Most important, to me, was to research the purpose for offer points, so I checked out what I could convert them to. Offer points can, in fact, be converted to credits, banner impressions, text ad impressions, and premium membership! One of the options on the drop-window list is also ultimate membership but when I selected that what I saw was "NaN days" of Ultimate.  I'm not sure if that meant that I simply did not have enough points or if it just wasn't an option...
At any rate, after some research, I discovered what the conversion rate for points is:
6 points = 1.01 credit
1 point = 1 banner impression
1 point = 2 text ad impressions
265 points = 1 day of premium membership
7,950 points = 30 days of premium membership

So, how do I earn those points?

Well, there are lots of options - one service has me watching videos to earn points; 7 points for every 3 videos that I watch. Not too bad. Another option has me playing a game (that I am doing while I write this very post!). When I reach level 7 in the game, I will be credited with 2,800 points! Pretty cool!

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